A photograph of the curator Katriina Rosavaara.
Katriina Rosavaara

Katriina Rosavaara (MFA, MA Art and Design) is a curator, visual artist and writer, who is interested in the time layers of places and the blind spots of gaze. Hidden, forgotten and pushed aside. Shadows, memory, archives and minorities. All the things that you miss at first glance or the things that happen so slowly that you cannot see them. Rosavaara is interested in how time shows. This is the viewpoint from which Rosavaara will look at the works of the graduating art students in their final exhibitions all around Finland this spring.

Currently Rosavaara is the project manager for the vision work for the visual art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in The University of the Arts. In her career as a visual artist, Rosavaara has taken part in collaboration art exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Her previous private exhibition, “One Day I Will No Longer Exist (1918)” was held in Gallery Elverket in Tammisaari in 2018. In addition to producing her own art work, Rosavaara has worked in various projects promoting the status of artists and acted as the art director of the “Suomi 100 – Sateenkaaren väreissä” project. Rosavaara’s latest book, “Leijonankesyttäjä”, was published by WSOY in February.

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