Kuvassa Krister Gråhn, picture of krister Gråhn
Krister Gråhn

Krister Gråhn works with sculptures and installations. During his career, Gråhn has studied in three different schools of fine arts and is currently completing his post-graduate studies
in the Praxis programme of the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki.

In recent years, Gråhn has collaborated with different artists and worked with his own projects. Working in pairs with other artists has provided new challenges to the production of art – different aesthetic preferences must be brought together and the artists must share constant dialogue about
the content of the artwork.

Gråhn has held private exhibitions in different parts of Finland and participated in various curated and juried group and collaboration art exhibitions since 2001. Since the beginning of his career, Gråhn has actively worked in different roles in the artistic field,
as a technical executor, producer, publisher and curator.

Kuvassa Riikka Lenkkeri, picture of Riikka Lenkkeri
Riikka Lenkkeri

Riikka Lenkkeri works as a painter.
She graduated from the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genoa in 1995. 

In recent years, Lenkkeri has explored working methods that combine different painting techniques, where the know-how of old painting traditions is linked with contemporary materials and subjects. 

Lenkkeri has worked as an artist for nearly three decades and has held several private exhibitions, both in Finland and Italy, and also participated in numerous group exhibitions. Alongside her artistic work, she has worked as a lecturer and a supervisor of final projects in different
Finnish schools of fine arts. 

Lenkkeri is a member of the association Mäntän kuvataiteen ystävät ry, the association behind
the Mänttä Art Festival activities.

Kuvataiteen valtakunta / INFO

Seppälän puistotie 7, 35800 Mänttä

+358 (0)44 202 7766

Sivuston teoskuva:
Sylvester Kivelä, videoteos, #FF69CD linssien läpi

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