The Realm of Fine Arts exhibition is organized for the fourth time in Mänttä. It brings together the works of recently graduated artists from all six Finnish universities of applied sciences teaching fine arts

The exhibition is called Crossings. The present, history, environment and states of mind form surprising turns, intersections and junctions. This is a clapping game or transfer to the unknown.

The exhibition is co-curated with the universities of applied sciences and the Art Town.

The exhibition is open from 14 June to 18 August every day from 10 am to 6 pm.
Address: Myllyrannantie 5, 35820 Mänttä.

Kuvataiteen valtakunta

kuvataiteenvaltakunta(at) Myllyrannantie 5, 35820 Mänttä

+358 (0)44 202 7766

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